George Binakis Is Out To Defraud You. Patrick Binakis Obfuscates.


The Binakis Brothers

We don't understand why lawyer Patrick Binakis feels it is necessary to tell misleading stories to those victims who are inquiring about his brother. George Binakis, principal of Bespoke Contracting and Design Inc., is committing serious fraud against elderly victims in NYC and getting away with it. By not being straight with the victims, Patrick Paraskivas Binakis is helping his brother escape scrutiny. What motive does he have for doing this?

The Conning Of Older Persons

The horrendous story of an elderly woman in her seventies being victimized by con artist George Binakis is an example of the need for better law enforcement in NYC for these types of fraud. In the early and mid summer of 2019, George Binakis stole over $65,000 by posing as a legitimate contractor promising to renovate her luxury apartment on the upper west side of Manhattan. Trusting by nature, the victim believed George was looking out for her interests when she hired him and gave him advances to supposedly cover expenses and advances due subcontractors George claimed to have already paid.

Taking Advantage Of Sympathy

George repeatedly claimed to suffer from a serious heart issue requiring a pacemaker and constant medical care. On the phone he sometimes feigned illness, enough to cause the victim to ask if he was ok. This was all part of the plan which was incredibly successful. So successful that when George stopped responding to calls, emails, and texts, the victim's first concern was for his health. She was certain that George had suffered a heart attack or was gravely ill, possibly recovering in some intensive care unit. Although her family suspected George was conning her, she refused to believe it, defending George right up until the very end.

How The Behavior Of Patrick Binakis Revealed The Con

Her concern for George lead her to discover the contact information for George's brother, lawyer Patrick Paraskivas Binakis. She asked how George was doing, expecting the worst, but was instead told that Patrick has no contact with his own brother. But when in passing she mentioned the money, Patrick hung up on her. Stunned by this rude behavior she began to realize that something was very wrong and started to suspect malfeasance was in play. Her son in law called Patrick and he hung up on him as well. On a second call Patrick admitted that he did have limited contact with George. A subcontractor also called asking about George after visiting his house and finding no one there. Patrick told him that George was getting better. The combination of these conflicting stories with the obnoxious treatment she received from Patrick convinced her that George was a criminal and that although there was no proof that Patrick was complicit, she concluded that he was probably abetting him. She assumed that his efforts to shield George from accountability was clearly incriminating at the least.

Watch Your Back

The victim realized after the fact that there were some obvious signs that things were not right long before George disappeared.  He had a contracting business, Bespoke Contracting and Design, yet insisted that checks be made out to him, personally. But those checks were not cashed in NY where the business was listed and where George supposedly lived, but in Richmond, Virginia. George also requested that some payment be made in cash, which he claimed would enable him to reduce the overall costs. George claimed that the cash was needed to cover advances he had already paid to several subcontractors, who later denied receiving any payments.

Tell Your Story

Other victims of George's con were later revealed, and it's very likely there are many others yet undiscovered. The publishers of this warning would like to help any victims who come forward by publicizing their stories and collectively seeking to hold George Binakis accoutable legally. Go to or to read a more complete accounting of this fraud, and fill out the form. You don't have to reveal anything personal other than the fact that you were a victim of George Binakis.